Who we are

In the world of web development and design it is crucial to get a name for yourself. Usually this is met with years of failed employments and projects. However we are decided to start working right off the bat and work for real clients to demonsrate our knowledge of design and devlopment.
We are not students, we are Apprentice!


The New Team Of 2017

These are the new students, most of which are dual enrollment students. This means they still go to High School while attending.


Ashley Garcia

Dual Enrolled

Hi, I am Ashley Garcia. I am a Dual Enrollment student interested in Web design. Currently I am a Social Media Coordinator for two non-profit Organizations. However I am ready to branch out into the design and coding world.


Jesus Pernia

Dual Enrolled

Hi, I'm Jesus. I am a aspiring web devoloper with a strong passion for coding. I love desgining all kinds of websites big or small.


Tyneria Cobbins

Dual Enrolled

Hello, my name is Tyneria, i am interested in design. I like having a great design without sacrificing organization. For me a neat and clean design is the best creation in the internet.


Donavan Huey

Dual Enrolled

Hello, my name is Donnavan Huey I am studying in both Highschool and here at Orange Technical College. I am looking forward to become a web designer although I wouldn't mind coding!