Who we are

We are a classrooom full of students that are ready to use our imaginative minds. Most of us have prior knowledge in the web development field other and similar fields. We bring that knowledge to you and help you connect with the world. We are more than students we are the internet's Apprentice!

A Curriculum snapshot

Info. Tech

With a large portion our curriculum focused on the rights under copyright. Our clients can rest assured they will be given safe and legal content.

Assistant Web Designer

In the assistant Web designer portion of the curriculum we learned to master Adobe Photoshop and Adoobe Illusrator. In this setion we also learned how to write and read in html 5 the latest version of Html

Web Designer

At this point in our curriculum we are able to make full web pages. However we also learn how to get the pages we make at the top of the search engines with SEO.

Senior Web Designer

The last step of the of the curriculum for the student but the comencement of the web designer. We have now learned everything to make us a proficent web designer and developer. This includes but not limited to Photoshop, Illustrator, Html 5, CSS, Seo and even E-Commerce.